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ETECH-STORE.EU is a trademark of ETECH-training. ETECH-training is an “Authorized IPC Distributor” and an “Official IPC Training Center”.
This allows us to deliver all IPC publications, standards, guidelines, training DVD’s, materials and PCBs which you can order in our ETECH-STORE.EU

Our Warehouses & Logistics Centers

Our continuous growth and expansion is made possible by our warehouse locations in Heerlen (the Netherlands), Manchester (United Kingdom) and Manaus (Brazil).

Our main Warehouse is based in Heerlen, the Netherlands. 
We are globally active in the electronics industry and therefore our Global & European head-office is centrally located in Europe.
At our office in Heerlen, we provide support to the electronics industry.

ETECH-Training is an official IPC Training Center. Our Training Centers are offering technical facilities for both the theory and practical courses.

Contact details main Warehouse:

CC: 75322129
VAT: NL860237801B01

IBAN: NL17RABO0116731974

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